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Getting Samples to the Lab...

Samples may be mailed, delivered or couriered to our laboratory. For more information on sample delivery, please visit the Delivery & Courier page.

Sample Handling

Certain samples may have special requirements (for example, it's best to ship milk samples frozen on ice), so if you are not certain, please call us at (970)351-8102 or email us.

Milk Sampling Procedures Link to PDF

BioPRYN & IDEXX - Animal Selection and Sample Handling

Previously pregnant cows must be at least 73 days postpartum in order for any residual protein B from the previous gestation to be gone. Cows also need to be a minimum of 30 days post insemination. Virgin heifers should be at least 28 days post breeding in order to get an accurate test result. Blood should be collected in a clot tube and stored under refrigeration until submission for testing. Pregnancy protein B is quite stable and there seem to be no untoward effects of serum sitting on the clot. Also, it is not critical that samples be refrigerated for shipment; however, it is a good idea to have them refrigerated prior to shipment. Samples should be shipped for receiving in 1-2 days. Learn more about pregnancy testing.

BVD - Sample Collection and Handling

This test can be performed on either serum or skin biopsy (ear notch) samples stored in phosphate buffered saline solution (PBS). Serum from calves should not be submitted for testing unless the sample was collected prior to feeding colostrum or the calf is older than 3 months of age. This is due to maternal antibody interference, which can increase the risk of false negative results. Skin biopsy samples can be submitted from cattle of any age, including calves younger than 3 months of age.

Serum samples should be collected in red top blood tubes and stored chilled prior to submission to the lab. If blood samples are to be stored more than a few days prior to submission, serum should be removed from the clot. Separated serum samples can be frozen and stored for longer periods of time if necessary.

Skin biopsy samples should be collected into individual tubes and the tubes labeled with date, client name and ID. Samples should be frozen prior to shipment without any additional liquid.

Ship so that samples are received in 1-2 days and always ship samples on ice (cold packs best). Learn more about BVD testing.

Johne's - Sample Handling

Blood samples for Johne's testing should be collected in red top clot tubes. Samples can be stored for 1-3 days in the refrigerator. If samples are to be stored for 3+ days prior to testing, then serum should be separated from the clot. Ship samples on ice for receiving in 1-2 days.
Learn more about Johne's testing.

For Sample Handling Instructions for other tests call us at (970)351-8102.

For information on sample delivery, shipping and courier services, visit the Sample Delivery page.

For any questions please feel free to contact us at (970)351-8102 or email us at TDA Lab.

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