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Milk samples are cultured for all common mastitis pathogens. However, the uncommon pathogens are also identified and reported to aid in the treatment and prognosis of the mastitis event.

  1. Identification of all bacteria cultures are reported to the genus level (i.e.: E.coli, Bacillus spp., Serratia spp., etc.)
  2. All contagious bacteria are specifically reported (i.e.: Strep ag., Staph aureus, and Mycoplasma spp.)
  3. Quantitative counts are conducted and reported on ALL positive bacteria cultures to aid in prognosis treatment of the disease.
  4. Special procedures are taken on tank/string samples used for monitoring to count the number of staphs, streps, and coliform organisms.
  5. Mycoplasma culturing and typing is available, including identification of Acholeplasma, an environmental organism similar in appearance to Mycoplasma.
  6. Online access is available for milk sample results (password required).
  7. Results can be downloaded in some dairy management software packages (i.e.: DairyComp 305).
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